I never was a Windows fan

I can clearly say this. When I started to use computers I went from a Schneider CPC 464 (with datasette!) and fancy green screen monitor to C64 and from that to my first PC, which was an AT, a 80286 with 8MHz and 2MB of RAM-awesomeness. I used to use MS DOS on it and sometimes Windows 3.0. A few years later, I bought the old used 386DX/33 from a friend of the family and ran it with 4MB RAM. What has changed here was the OS, basically, from MS DOS 5 to 6 and the Windows (3.1/3.11). I used to do school work (hey that was back in 1993 or so) on Winword (it was really called that way those days).

Like all my friends, with the years and getting faster PCs, we went though Windows 95 (I remember that I bought it on a Saturday morning in a PC store in the center of Moers. Luckily, I already had a CD-drive 😉 ), Windows 98, the “Second Edition” and Windows ME puke and Windows 2000, which I always liked. Around that time, I started my education as Media designer and of course – there were Macs. With Mac OS 8.6 or even 9 – and I liked it. I liked it more than my PC, that I knew so well thanks to all that years I played and worked with it in my spare time between school, girlfriend and friends. It was new and Steve Jobs had just exposed the first iMacs a year ago or so.

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Dumped my self written blog system…

…and created a WordPress based blog again. Just a week ago, I found a problem in my self coded comment system which has allowed to overwrite comments by others if I had above 10 comments on a single topic. Instead of spending hours for fixing this, I simply gave up. Seeing my code and seeing what I want for my blog (easiness to blog and expand it with functions), there’s no way in evolving my self coded system without a lot of coding work. Honestly, I don’t have the time, nor do I want to spend my rare free time into this stuff. I want to be outside, shooting photos and presenting them here on my blog and on 500px.

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A flight deck out of a wooden toy

For Eastern, our son got a funny toy – a box with wooden elements to create things out of it. So, since yesterday, we’ve build a lot of different things. When I saw holes on the side and bottom, I wanted to see how far I can go to build a throttle quadrant out of it. For my own surprise, it was able 😉 Here are some photos of it.

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Moto G. Broken.

It’s broken. My a bit older than 1 year Moto G. It has kissed the ground too often as it seems. The result: Crashing apps, slow perfomance, lousy voice quality and the loss of data connections from time to time.

In the last years, since my iPhone 4 stopped getting updates (Thanks Apple!) and got painfully slow on iOS 7, I tried this and that. It started with a Samsung Galaxy S3, that annoyed mostly because of the TouchWiz UI and the aweful AMOLED display (I’m still a IPS junkie). Followed by many other devices like Nokia Lumias (800, 920 (5! because of damages on those devices), 1020, 620, 630), Nexus 4 and finally a Moto G. The Moto G was the one I kept, because it worked “ok”. I was rid of switching, setting up handhelds and… well – it was not THAT bad.

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