Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse

Moving along from the Mac ecosystem to the Windows one does not only require a new OS. It also requires new hardware, big (like a PC and/or laptop) and small – like a keyboard and mouse. While I’m aware of some people using a Apple Magic Mouse with their PC and also some using huge mice like the Logitech Performance MX on their Macs, I wanted to drop the Apple stuff completely and use a nice, not too huge and heavy mouse. It should be fast, very fast, like.. well, the Magic Mouse. I’ve already mentioned the mouse I finally got in a previous post about the Asus laptop. It was not planned to get a Microsoft mouse. It should just be a Bluetooth one, which does not require me to carry around a stick for the mouse and “waste” an USB port. When we bought the laptops, I asked the salesman which mouse he could recommend. He first showed me the Arc Mouse, which is incredible ugly in my mind, but – she comes with bluetooth. I looked around in the rack and between all the hundreds of mice, I saw the Sculpt. Looks a bit different, and this blue key… what is that? They had one unboxed, so I grabbed it and felt: “Yeah! That’s a nice one!”. It should normally cost 50€, which is pretty steep in my mind. Asking for a rebate, I got 7€ off.

Being back at home, I tried it with the new laptop. This is in my mind the perfect mouse! Seriously. It’s fast, it feels fine and is much more ergonomic than the Magic Mouse.


A few days later, I ordered a second one for my wife. She also likes her new Sculpt Mouse 😉 – at least, I have not heard any complaints.

Last week, I placed another order – a third one, for my PC upstairs, which I had just set up. Sure, I could take the mouse I already have upstairs and go through the coupling process again and again, but that’s not what I want.

At Amazon, I got it for 30€ – what a price difference. Something went wrong with my order and so it took amazing 7 days until the third one arrived today.


Here’s my Pro and Contra list:

+ fast speed
+ very precise
+ not too expensive (at least online)
+ lays very good in my hand
+ Bluetooth instead of wireless stick

it’s glossy on the top

unfortunately, the scroll wheel can not be used for the forward & back function in a browser


I guess the question, if I would buy it again is senseless, as I already bought it again two times 😉

How to fix pulsing images on Tweetdeck in Chrome

Todays laptops contain displays with insane high pixel density and resolution up to 4k on small 13,3″ or so. Depending on what you buy of course. As Windows 8.1 still has some issues with scaling (which will hopefully be fixed in Windows 10 and as those high res displays get a wider user base, application developers will take care of).

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Gestern habe ich spontan beschlossen meine Bandbreite zu teilen, mit Anderen, die sich in den Gallierring verirren. Einfach so – ohne Gegenleistung. Freifunk war mir schon länger ein Begriff. Spätestens seit der FrOSCon (wo es leider nicht gut lief), hatte ich doch recht gute Erfahrung mit dem Netz auf dem Hackday in Moers – es lief stabil, besonders wenn man die Anzahl der Besucher, die sicher alle als netzaffin eingestuft werden können, bedenkt.

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Domainfactory Webspace: cronjobs mit bestimmter PHP-Version ausführen

Vor kurzem ist meine “Webpräsenz” von einem Netcup vServer (KVM) in einen Webspace von Domainfactory umgezogen. Mein Projekt Moerser Wetter benötigt insgesamt auf der Serverseite 6 cronjobs, die verschiedene Tasks rund um das Wetter und die Open Weather Data durchführen. Ein solches Script ist von Jens Dutzi geschrieben und fragt die aktuellen Warnmeldungen vom DWD ab. Dieses Script habe ich über die Jahre modifiziert und so spuckt es nun auch die Warnmeldungen im XML & JSON-Format aus, die ich z.B. in meiner Windows Phone App verwende, aber auch als Open Weather Data zur Verfügung stelle.

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