Since November 2013, we’re happy parents. We had build the attic into a nice dorm room just a year ago, but with a child, you don’t want to have a floor between you and kid. So we spend a week of renovating three rooms. Our dorm room, the kids room and the home office attic. It was hard work, but the result(s) is/are great. We’re very satisfied with the rooms.

Today, I want to show you the attic home office. We’ve moved around the desks & furnitures just a month ago, so everything is “fresh” :)


Starting at my desk, which faces the wall to the next house. Plenty of room to hang up racks for our figures, which were in the basement in their boxes for way too long time.


The room is in a shape of a triangle, it’s directly under the roof. The wall facing the stairway is high and perfect to add wallscrolls, a calendar and a very wide canvas showing Tokyo.


Like in the good old times, my two girls are sitting right next to me on my desk.


Figures Part I


Most of my lenses are placed on the desk. I often switch between the ƒ1.8 35 & 50mm Sonys and the ƒ2.8 17-50mm Tamron. I’ve put a pirate ship on my MacBook Air (early 2014). The camera on the desk is the Sony Alpha 380 my wife bought 4 years ago. Unfortunately, it’s damaged and often refuses to save a taken photo to the SD card, it simply crashes :(


On the left side of my desk, my Hackintosh is placed. It’s a Core i7 3770k with 20GB of RAM, a GeForce 760, a fast 240GB SATA3 Kingston SSD and is built into a super silent case. I run Mavericks on it, which works very well, leaving a little issue with the Bluetooth stick after booting by side (which could be simply solved by unplugging and plugging it in again).


My 6-string is pretty near, in case I want to grab it and try to play a bit with tabs I got from the internet 😉


Placed on wifeys desk is Mitsuki from He is my master, what a cutie ^^


She was calling, while I took the photos, but it’s ok to put it online, she said ^^


Above her desk: Figures Part II


When we have guests, this room is used as a guest room. I would say, it could be worse 😉 No Playstation or Xbox here, but a Sat-TV receiver and a BluRay-Player with Amazon Prime access and a Chromecast stick, which is plugged into the TV, ready to be used. Also, a network outlet is next to the bed.


Good ol’ clocks! I could not imagine a home office room without them :) I’ve got some nice plates with the city names last christmas, and now, they are fitting perfect. Unfortunately, the TV hides the Tokyo clock, but the little rack is movable.


Above the door, Figures Part III. Wondering why they are all placed so high? I just say: a child that is about to start crawling 😉 Better keep the figures out of reach!


The last rack with figures (Part IV) is placed next to the couch. The room is filled up with figures and we love it!

Many thanks for checking by!

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